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From Hoop Dreams to Engineering Success

Most people know this, but Dajae initially earned her way to college through full ride Basketball Scholarship.

Her goal was to play professionally, or as close  to it as she could.

Dajae Basketball.jpg

Things quickly changed after only one year of college basketball. Dajae had discovered the world  of Science, Technology, engineering, and  mathematics.  

This new passion turned into the opportunity of a lifetime, an internship at Anheuser-Busch. Forcing Dajae to leave her full ride scholarship on the table. 

After the internship, Dajae couldn't afford to return to Missouri S&T. So she decided to return to her roots   and play basketball for the local  college, St. Louis Community College. 

What seemed like a step in the wrong direction, ended up being the best decision of her life.   She focused less on basketball and more on her studies.

John Deere Funny.jpg

After this decision, almost immediately, the internships started rolling in. First John  Deere, then Toyota.  These opportunities eventually afforded Dajae the opportunity to return to  Missouri S&T. 

Return to S&T / Better Internships

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Graduation NASA



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What makes Dajae’s educational music unique is that it is deeply rooted in hip hop and her persona is at the intersection of Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Her music will leave you with no choice but to Dance. YES! It’s THAT good. You can find her most recent single “Unit Conversions” on all streaming platforms and the music video on youtube. Dajae plans to take this music mainstream under her brand “Listen Up! Education”. TELL KIDZ BOP AND DISNEY TO WATCH OUT!

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