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If this is your first time visiting, Hello and Waddup!? My name is Dajae Williams and I am the dopest NASA engineer you will ever meet.

     How you ask? Well, because I’m not your typical NASA engineer. I stand out like a sore thumb with my big curly afro, Air Jordan 1s, and my gold chain. I challenge the status quo by representing the culture no matter what...So the world will know we are present and capable of anything.


     This representation is even more important in education. Which is why, in addition to being an engineer, I rap about math and science under my Brand “Listen Up Education”. I make it my duty to show students that learning can be cool and that there are successful engineers and scientist that look and think just like them. To learn more about my journey to NASA head to "My Story". Or stay with me and scroll down to watch my latest music video about "Unit Conversions".


Listen UP! Education

This is education that makes you dance. Education that connects. Education that sticks. What are you waiting on! Go press play! 


Stay For a While. Learn more about my journey to NASA and Educational Music.


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